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At The Paint Mill, we pride ourselves on quality paints that save our customers time and money.

We only supply tried and tested brands that can be relied upon for a superior finish.

From renown, household names such as Colourtrend, Dulux and Rubio Monocoat to boutique paint brands such as Frenchchic and Acres Hall, each paint can be relied upon to deliver for a specific purpose.

Check our buying guide to learn more about which paint is right for your project.


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Buying Guide

Which paint you use for your project depends on a range of different factors, such as whether the wall you want to paint is north or south facing, or whether the material you are painting is metal or wood. We encourage our customers to call in-store for tailored advice from our professional team that is designed to suit their unique project.

Generally speaking though, paint can be categorised by its purpose. Find out more about the purpose of different types of paint below.

Exterior Paint

Used for surfaces that are outside the home, such as the exterior walls on your home. It is designed to withstand outdoor temperature changes, mildew, chipping, peeling and importantly, fading from the sun.

Interior Paint

Interiors aren’t subject to the same fluctuation in temperature as exterior paint, nor do they fade in the same way in the sun. Interior paints are designed to withstand the challenges of the indoor environment, such as cleaning, scrubbing and scuffing.

The following paints are used for interior wall surfaces.

Flat Enamel

With a smooth, matte appearance, this paint is ideal for hiding cracks, dents and other imperfections. It delivers a superior finish which works well on walls in guest bedrooms and ensuites that only require occasional cleaning. It is not the best option for rooms with heavy traffic and walls that need frequent cleaning.

Matte Finish

Like flat enamel, matte paint is ideal for hiding blemishes such as scratches, dents and cracks. It is richer than flat enamel and doesn’t reflect light which means different colours will look as close to one another as possible under varying lighting conditions.

Ceramic Matte

Stain resistant and washable, ceramic matte is a popular choice for high traffic areas such as kids’ playrooms where a matte finish is preferred. It also hides cracks, dents and other imperfections just like a regular flat or matte finish.

Satin Finish

Satin paint features a slight gloss finish and is typically used for indoor and exterior window frames, doors, trims, substrates and pre-primed metal. It is hard-wearing and works well in high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and kids’ rooms because it can be cleaned and scrubbed on a regular basis. It doesn’t hide blemishes, cracks or patched sections as well as a matte or flat finish.

Silk Finish

Silk delivers a slight gloss finish like satin, however is used for walls instead of woodwork. It is used in busy areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and kids’ rooms because it is easy to wipe clean and stands up well to scrubbing. It is harder to hide blemishes on the wall surface due to its slight sheen.


This paint finish features a soft sheen and falls between matte and satin. Glossier than matte and easier to clean, it is also a good choice for hiding imperfections. This makes it a popular choice for rooms, hallways and bedrooms as well as high traffic areas that need regular cleaning.

Gloss Finish

Gloss delivers a bright shine and reflects the most light of any of the paint finishes, making it ideal for pale shades. It is also the most durable and is ideal for interior and exterior woodwork, metal and trims. Gloss delivers a fantastic contrast to walls with a matte finish, but keep in mind that the glossier the finish, the more imperfections it will reveal.

How to use different finishes to achieve the look you desire


Reflect more light for a bright and airy ambience with a gloss finish for ceilings. Remember that a gloss finish will show up blemishes so be sure to use a quality, durable paint and prepare your surface well beforehand.


While all paint finishes can be cleaned, glossier finishes are easier to keep clean. The glossier the finish, the more it can cope with scrubbing, denting and scuffing.



Right now, rustic looks are trending and require a flat emulsion paint to achieve the desired finish. If you are concerned about washability, think about using flat enamel for trims and woodwork, and eggshell for walls. Similarly, if you are planning to accentuate a feature wall or doors and trims, consider using a high gloss finish that showcases specific aspects of your room.

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