The Paint Mill Difference

Which paint should you use for a lux finish on your kitchen cabinets? How can you recreate that cosy sitting room featured in your favourite magazine? What colours will match your new wallpaper? How should you approach an upcycle project using that old dresser?

At The Paint Mill, we are dedicated to answering all your painting and decorating questions. Whatever your DIY project, our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready and here to help with expert advice and the products you need.

When you visit The Paint Mill, you will enjoy:

Expert Guidance

The Paint Mill is the DIYer’s dream, where expert advice about paint is provided by our experienced painters and colour consultant. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can show you the right way to approach your DIY project, giving you the confidence and know-how to achieve a professional result.

Quality paints that save time and money

It can be tempting to opt for a cheaper alternative, but paying a little more for a quality paint will save you time and money in the long run. A quality paint requires fewer coats to achieve the right finish, saving you time and effort. They are also less prone to chipping and cracking and contain more prime pigments which enhance the paint’s durability, longevity and colour. Watch our video to see what happens when we compare quality paints with cheaper alternatives.

An exciting DIYer’s hub

Our bright, modern and stylish painting and decorating centre is a DIYer’s dream. Browse colour cards, wallpaper samples, painted architraves and a vast array of other inspiration for your DIY project. Access the latest information and resources alongside professional guidance from our team, a range of quality pains and painting accessories and tools to help you achieve the best result. Whether you are a seasoned DIY’er or have never picked up a brush, our team is ready and here to help!


Live clinics for painting and decorating

Take advantage of our live clinics from the comfort of your home! Each month our colour consultant broadcasts live from our Instagram account to answer your painting and decorating questions. Not sure which colours will work best in your home, or struggling to match colours with wallpaper? Send in your questions and our colour consultant will answer them live. Alternatively, you can make a face-to-face appointment with our colour consultant at our Navan painting and decorating centre for a personal approach to your project.

A local and independent approach

We are proud to be local and independent, with the flexibility to provide objective, practical advice and the right paint and tools for your job. With our sister outlet, The Grain and Groove located right next door, we are delighted to provide Navan with quality products, extensive resources and friendly, professional advice.

A commitment to the environment

Like you, we are committed to caring for the environment and are proud to stock quality paints from manufacturers with similar values. From water-based paints and VOC-free wood protectors to the latest technology in paint, our product range is based on healthier options that benefit our customers and the planet.