Tools & Consumables

Behind every great paint job is a quality set of tools! At The Paint Mill, we stock a comprehensive range of painting accessories and tools, from colour sample pots and colour cards to masking tapes, paint brushes and scrapers.

Our commitment to quality ensures that you always have access to trusted and reliable brands, such as 2 Fussy Blokes (known best for their slogan, “Yes, we’re fussy but that’s just how we roll”).

Not sure what tools you need, or how to use them? Our friendly and experienced team can guide you with professional advice about painting and decorating accessories and the right application methods.

Check our buying guide to find out more about the common types of tools you might need for your painting project, or call in to our Navan store for tailored advice.

Buying Guide

2 Fussy Blokes – Microfibre 4″ Rollers

These premium quality micro fibre rollers make painting a breeze. The high-density rollers absorb enough paint to make application easy with ultra-low spatter, delivering a smooth, professional finish. Recommended for painting interior or exterior wooden panels, doors, trim and more

  • Available in semi-smooth (10mm) and smooth (5mm). Suitable for 4” roller handles
  • Suitable for both oil-based and water-based paints
  • Available in both a three pack and ten pack options

2 Fussy Blokes – Microfibre 9″ Rollers

Like the 4” rollers, these nine-inch rollers, premium quality micro fibre rollers make painting easy. They also offer ultra-low spatter application and offer a smooth, professional finish. Ideal for painting interior walls and ceilings, MDF, timber and plywood.

  • Available in Semi-smooth (10 mm) finish; suitable for 9″ roller handles
  • Suitable for both oil-based and water-based paints

Masking tape:

Generally two-inch masking tape is sufficient for DIY projects, although larger and smaller sizes are available for different jobs. We recommend using a sensitive tape (less sticky) if you plan to use masking tape on a previously painted wall with the objective of achieving straight lines. Ask us about other stronger masking tape such as Deltec for floors or skirting.

Painting tray/bucket:

There are a range of different sizes of trays and buckets but the most common size is 9”. Simply dip the roller into the tray or bucket and allow it to soak up the paint, roll of any excess paint on the side of the tray and apply directly to the wall or surface.

Roller sleeve:

Roller sleeves come in a range of different sizes and nap finishes. A 9” sleeve is ideal for large walls. We recommend microfibre sleeves and a 5mm or 10mm nap.

Paint brushes:

Paint brushes come in a variety of different sizes. When using emulsion paint, we recommend a synthetic brush, which ranges in size from 1” to 4”. Paint brushes of 2.5″ to 3″ is the ideal size for most users.

Dust/paint sheets:

Sheets are absolutely vital for protecting your floors and furniture from paint splashes and drips. Avoid the temptation to buy too few sheets because any paint damage may cost you more in the long run to repair.


Scrapers are a must for scraping off loose, flaky paint and preparing surfaces for a smooth and superior finish. A range of sizes are available from 1″ up to 4″.

Filling knives:

Filling knives are useful tools for filling in holes, cracks and crevices in walls in the preparation stages. A range of sizes are available from 1″ up to 4″.

Tester pots:

Not sure whether your preferred colours will work for your project? We recommend picking up our tester pot package in-store. The package includes four tester pots of your preferred colours and a quality paint brush.

Sample colour cards:

Our sample colour cards with paint panels are ideal for DIYers exploring a variety of colour options for their project.

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Ready to transform your living space? We can help you get off to a great start with our limited time Roomset Deal.

We will provide you with the right paint combination for your room at a generous percentage off.

Putting your discounted package together is as easy as coming in to speak to a member of The Paint Mill team. We can discuss your painting project and provide you with expert advice about the types of paint and accessories you need.

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