Top 5 Painting FAQs!

  • Do I have to strip varnish from pine before painting it?

    Clean the door first using a light sandpaper in conjunction with Sugar Soap. Dry thoroughly. Commence with a shellac-based primer before you paint with your desired colour and finish.

  • My kitchen doors are melamine; how do I paint them?

The best way to approach painting melamine kitchen doors is to start with a shellac-based primer before applying the paint colour and finish you prefer.  

  • Can I paint a PVC door?

    Yes you can. You will need to clean the door thoroughly in the first instance to ensure the paint can bond correctly. You should the use a primer to prepare the surface, and select a paint that is resistant to weathering and very durable.

  • Why do I have to prepare the wall surface before paint?

    The wall surface must be very clean before you paint to ensure the paint will bond with the wall. Even fine grade dust and grease can affect paint adhesion, so it is essential surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before application.

  • What paint should I use for a children’s playroom?

Ideally high traffic areas such as children’s playrooms need to be easily washable and also durable. Consider using Super Matte from Dulux or Ceramic Matte Finish from Colourtrend for stain resistance, washability and a superior, smooth finish.